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and mining companies as May spoke, another indicator of market pessimism.DI▓VIDED PUBLICMonths after the Brexit vote

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and just hours before May's speech, Britons' views on the issue remain hugely different.Beryl T

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    t."Chris Burgess, a businessman from Liverpool agreed. "I talk to owners of small busines▓ses every day and I am convin

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    ced that whatever happens ▓people will find new and innovative ways of reacting to changing circumstances. In that respect I have no fears of a hard Brexit," he said.Nick Sma▓ll, a Labour councillor in Liverpool responsible for education, employment and skills, said he is totally opposed▓ to a hard Brexit. "I believ

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    e we need ▓to keep trading with Europe and have easy access to the single market. What we a▓re seeing is politics bein

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    g put before the economy."For Tom Cridland, a businessman engaged in re▓ady-to-wear imports, a hard exit from the Europ

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    enters in Italy or Portugal. It may cost more," he told Xinhua.On the▓ foreign trade front, as EU accounts for roughly


    half of Britain's trade volumes, market watchers fear that a Brexit would possibly result in the denial of Britain's

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    access to the Europe▓an single market.However, May stressed that by embraci▓ng Brexit, Britain is abandoning the member

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    ship of a single market, but will pursue "greatest▓ possible access to the single market on a fully reciprocal basis

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    through a comprehensive free trade agreement."EU'S READINESS TO TALKBritain's neighbors sounded a sigh of relief that

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    the British governmen▓t finally rolled out its Brexit plan, and expressed their readiness to embark on the tough journe


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  • s but at least more▓ realistic announcement on Brexit," said Tusk, who will ove▓rsee the negotiations on behalf of the other member states▓.The EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier also said after May's speech that the EU is "ready as soon as UK is. ▓Only notification can kick off negotiations."German Economy Minist

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  • er Sigmar Gabriel said it's▓ good that there is a bit more clarity on Britain's directio▓n after May's speech, and it is important to move forward quickly and orderly.UNITY▓ WITHIN BRITAIN URGEDTalking about the highly ▓contentious referendum on Brexit, May also called for un▓ity within her country to show respect for democ

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  • ▓racy.The Scottish National Party warned that May "must not ignore the views of the people of S▓cotland and the Scottish parliament," after about 60 percent▓ of voters in Scotland opted to remain in the EU in the Brexit referendum last Ju▓ne.Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said May's Brexit plan was "economical

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  • ly catastrophic" fo▓r the country.In the opinion of the fi▓rst minister, the British government "cannot be allowed to take us out of the EU and the▓ single market, regardless of the impact on our ec▓onomy, jobs, living standards and o▓ur reputation as an open, tolerant country, without Scotland having the ability to choos

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y, it was as low as 1.20 dollars, the weakest level since October 2016 and near a 31-year low.Some cautious inve
stors expect the rally of the ster ling to be sho rt-lived, as May's spe ech hardly dispels doubts as to how she could "see k the greate st possible access" to t he EU single m arket▓, whi ch accounts for 44 per cent of Br it▓ain's total export s in goods and ser vices in 2015.Th e FTSE 1▓00, London 's benchmark stock market inde x▓, sustained an early plunge, led by exporters 福鼎市5G 凤冈县5G 阿拉善盟wap 九龙县wap 行唐县5G 桂平市wap 鄂伦春自治旗wap 乐陵市5G 长寿区wap 衢州市wap 吉林市5G 兴国县wap 通江县wap 阳西县wap 濮阳县wap 永济市5G 辛集市wap 察哈尔右翼前旗5G 漠河县wap 福泉市5G 神途传奇私服 九彩传奇私服发布网站 新开传奇私服单职业 80暴风合击传奇私服 传奇私服英雄合击手游 传奇私服免费外挂辅助 传奇私服开区合区教程 传奇私服中变网 超变单职业传奇私服网站新开网 今日新开手机传奇私服